Guests attending the 5th VOCs Governance Technology Exchange Conference in the Packaging and Printing Industry Gathered in Baolu Packaging

2019-02-16 09:26:57 Zhejiang Baolu Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. Viewd 1012

In order to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and win the battle against pollution, the fifth VOCs governance technology exchange in packaging and printing industry sponsored by China Printing and Equipment Industry Association, Green Printing and VOCs Governance Working Committee Printing Industry VOCs Governance Enterprise Alliance The conference and the 2018 Flexible Packaging Industry Green Development Forum was grandly held on April 22, 2018 in Jiaxing Fuyue Hotel.

After the meeting, Director Yan Gang of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Director Ning Miao of the Environmental Planning Institute and other leaders came to Baolu Packaging for guidance during their busy schedule.

As a benchmark enterprise in the packaging and printing industry for VOCs governance and emission reduction and a special support unit for this conference, our company welcomed more than 200 guests to visit and inspect on April 23.

The visit and inspection activities are divided into three stages. First, Mr. Su, general manager of Xi’an Yuchang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. will explain the application of RTO technology, Mr. Yao, general manager of Chengdu Shanyou HVAC Engineering Co., Ltd. will explain the application of air-conditioning system, and Baolu packaging The general manager Mr. Li Qiuen shared the experience of VOCs governance with the theme of "The Road to Sustainable Development"; in the second stage, our staff led the guests to visit the site of our production workshop in batches, and the explanation included ink printing and solvent-free The current industry’s leading equipment usage and production capacity, such as laminating machine ink printing film laminating and high-speed dry laminating machine laminating; in the third stage, visit to understand the operation and effectiveness of our company’s rotary RTO system in terminal management. 

Baolu Packaging has always been concerned about employee health, product safety and environmental issues. During the design and planning stage of the Zhejiang factory, green environmental protection and sustainable development have been listed as one of the company's core concepts; and in response to national requirements, "VOCs governance and emission reduction requirements" As a top priority. Paul Packaging has done solid work in six aspects: plant design, equipment selection, energy saving and consumption reduction, source reduction, process control and end treatment. After the monitoring of the emission data during the commissioning phase, the emission standards have been successfully achieved.

This technical exchange meeting was finally a complete success. Baolu Packaging won the honor of "VOCs Governance and Emission Reduction Benchmark Enterprise in the Packaging and Printing Industry". Here, I would like to thank the organizers of the meeting and the national environmental protection department for their recognition, and thank all peer companies for their strong support. The "Road to Sustainable Development" of Paul Packaging is bound to be broader.